Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Short and sweet, what a delight.

I would like to visit your restaurant. Can you tell me what menu items are vegan (no animal products)? Thank you for taking the time to determine this, your help is greatly appreciated.

Fazoli's reply:
Thank you for your interest in the Fazoli's menu. Although we are limited in vegan options, we do offer a few. The list of these options includes:
Spaghetti (or any of our other noodles)
Marinara Sauce
Dry Breadsticks - no garlic butter topping
Garden Side Salad - Lite Italian Dressing, no croutons
Lemon Ice
If I can answer any other questions about the Fazoli's Menu, feel free
to contact me. I am more than happy to help.
Teresa Broaddus
Fazoli's Quality Assurance Manager

The verdict:
The pasta is vegan
Marinara Sauce is vegan
Breadsticks are vegan if ordered without garlic butter topping
Garden Side Salad is vegan if ordered without croƻtons
Lite Italian Dressing is vegan
Lemon Ice is vegan


LEXXAMan said...

I'm so glad you had this posted. I'm pretty sad that the breadsticks aren't vegan, but as good as they are, I'm sure they'd still be good without their garlic butter(Better even). I love fazolis, and people like you are amazing for helping get us vegans this much needed info.

Laura Michael said...

I'm just stoked the noodles are vegan!

joshua kremke said...

Thank you for this one! I went to a fazoli's last night and this really helped me out. I had penne noodles with marinara sauce and broccoli. It's nice when I can go somewhere and eat a vegan meal without having to throw together a couple of side dishes.

GMMythicalBeast said...

The broccoli is no longer vegan. We bake it with parmesan now. Just putting that out there. (I work at Fazolis, and I'm a vegan)