Friday, August 10, 2007

Claddagh Irish Pub

I received a friendly and personal reply from the General Manager, Mike Mariano, of the downtown Indianapolis location (the website requires you choose a location to email). I was encouraged to hear that my request for vegan fare was not unfamiliar to him.

I would like to visit your restaurant. Can you tell me what menu items are vegan (no animal products)? Thank you for taking the time to research this.

Response from Claddagh Irish Pub, downtown Indianapolis location:
Hi Erin,
We have had requests for vegan dishes before. Our pasta is completely vegan and so is our minestrone soup, it uses vegetable stock. We do have a Portabella mushroom sandwich you can order without cheese. Our chef is very talented as well, and can make things for you if give him time to perpare.
Thanks for your interest,
MIke Mariano
General Manager

Their menu includes some delicious-looking salads that wouldn't require too many modifications, so I followed up by asking Mike which of the house made dressings are vegan:
Thanks, Mike, for your reply and your suggestions! I noticed your dressings are homemade and that you have quite a nice offering of salads on your menu. Can you tell me which dressings are free of animal products (and note which, if any, have honey)? Thank you so much for taking time to help me with this, and looking forward to a visit to the Claddagh.

Response #2 from Claddagh Irish Pub, downtown Indianapolis location:
We have balsamic vinegerette and fat free rasberry vinegerette that our vegan.

The verdict:
The pasta is vegan
Minestrone is vegan
The Portobello Sandwich, ordered without cheese, is vegan
Salads, ordered without cheese and meat, are vegan
Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing is vegan
Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing is vegan
The Claddagh is willing to create vegan dishes with advance notice
The Claddagh offered a friendly, personalized, and useful response to my question about vegan menu offerings

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