Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Another post from guest author/investigator Brenna! *round of applause*

Here's my conversation with Guest Relations
A co-worker’s birthday is today and we have a party of ten or so planning to visit your Arlington location. Can you please let me know what menu items are vegan, or could be made vegan? (Vegans do not eat any meat, seafood, honey, eggs, dairy products, or animal derived ingredients.)

After reviewing your menu, I see the Chopped Salad could be made vegan upon removing the bacon, eggs, and cheese. Do you all have oil and vinegar or any other salad dressings which are vegan? Are there any other options?

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We believe the Chopped Salad as you describe with oil and vinegar is the most suitable option.

Verdict: Nothing really substantial. and no apparent wilingness to work with me. The salad is $8 with tax. Since it's so expensive, I ended up eating something else beforehand.

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Jacki said...

I did notice they offer a "fluffy rice", corn on the cob, and a veggie dujour. I wonder if any of those could be ordered w/o butter or broth? they also have a pasta and veggie dish with cream sauce, that I suppose could be served w/o sauce. If they have oil & vinegar dressing, that would be great on that.